Conference Topics

The authors are kindly asked to frame their research results to the following topics in the
areas of road/rail/air/maritime transport and traffic and postal traffic and
Contributions for any topic in the field of Traffic and Transport will be considered.
- Traffic Planning
- Traffic Engineering and Design
- Transport Infrastructure, Technology and Materials
- Transport Management and Control
- Transport Economics
- Transport and Environment
- Transport Safety and Security
- Transport Logistics
- Vehicle Engineering
- Urban Transport Systems
- Intermodal, Multimodal and Combined ITS
- Promotion/Integration of non-motorized vehicles
- Advanced Traffic and Transport Systems
- Transport Development/Modelling/Simulation/Forecasting
- Information Technologies in Traffic and Transport
- European Power and Energy Corridors vs.European Transport Corridors
- Safety and Protection in Transport working processes
- Medicine in Traffic
- Human Resources in Transport
- Training and Research Services in Transport Industry
- Educational Aspects in Transport
- Terminology in Transport

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